Part P5-100039 Switch

P5-100039 OTTO Controls pushbutton switch. Custom P5 with 18 AWG Wire leads in 3 colors-red, white and green. Sealed, military grade (but not military spec) pushbutton switch with SPDT alternate action. Push and the P5 switch turns “on.” Push again and the P5 switch turns “off.” Positive tactile feedback is featured so the operator is clearly aware the switch mode has been executed. The button returns to the original position after each actuation. To guard against front panel splash and dirt, the P5 series is sealed at the button with OTTO’s patented “rolling sleeve “principle. The terminals are sealed with epoxy, providing a seal against flux during wiring and behind panel dirt and moisture. The combination of sealing provides smooth operation over a wide temperature range. See attached drawing for more information. Price is for this lot of stock only!

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Item Name: Switch
Model / Part Number: P5-100039
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